Some of you might have come across an image circulating around the web, stating a question on who among the listed options (CEO, Manager, COVID-19). The answer to that question is, well, the latter.

There was a time when managers had to scratch their heads over how to persuade their staff to change. In fact, change management courses/workshops/bootcamps have become a big thing. And here comes COVID-19, and with one fell swoop, everyone is embracing technology like they never had. 

What does this mean to the average Joe on the street? Well, I would say digitalisation levels the playing field for you and me. And particularly so, for social activists. With the right tools and programmes, individuals can now advocate for their causes and make social change in a significant way.

Ms. Magazine posits a food-for-thought question: “What if we re-orient ourselves to think about the future of virtual communication—and make it more conducive for social mobilization?” 

Indeed, with virtual communication being more mainstream and embedded in every generation – students in e-classrooms; adults in e-meetings; seniors in e-parties –  individuals can now reach an audience across geographies and boundaries. To start off, lists a set of tools that non-profits should be aware of, including online fundraising platforms; online meeting platforms; document and calendar sharing; sharing of plans and even online brainstorming platforms. 

As we go digital, more collaboration opportunities are available. Pair up, team up and pursue your cause!

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