Despite having a population size of 97 million in the country and close borders approximate of 1450 kilometers with China, Vietnam has only recorded just over 300 cases and 0 death from its fight against COVID-19. Just when most developed countries are still struggling to deal with the pandemic, the containment strategy of the world’s 15th most popular country has been widely praised by the international community.

Here are three ways that have contributed to Vietnam’s success.

Quick to Act

When first alerted to the emergence of COVID-19, Vietnam was quick to shut down incoming flights originated from China, Hong Kong, and Macau including cancellation of passport visas and closing of the borders with China on 1st Feb 2020.

The move thought to be drastic at that point was later proven to be strategic for Vietnam’s government to stamp out the virus right from the beginning. Although the first local case was detected on 23 January 2020, the government has already canceled nationwide classes scheduled to start on 3rd Feb 2020.

Public Campaign Poster against Covid-19 (C) Nikkei

Home Made Testing Kits

As early as January, Vietnam has developed its local-made testing kits for COVID-19 that are able to provide results in an hour with a 90% accuracy. With the availability and affordability of testing kits, it helps the government to detect infected cases efficiently and track down close contacts to further eliminate the virus.

In addition, the kits have been listed under the emergency use of the World Health Organisation (WHO). Together with endorsement by the European Standard and Certificate of Free Sales from the United Kingdom, it provides commercial distribution opportunities to the wider audience to other countries.

Public Engagement and Awareness

The importance of public awareness is acknowledged by Vietnam’s government at the start, as part of its strategy to effectively contain the community spread of the virus. In an innovative way, the state has supported the making of an anti-virus song with catchy lyrics (watch below) to enhance public knowledge pertaining to personal hygiene during this pandemic period.

With a heightened consciousness of the virus in the community, it has worked positively for Vietnam to suppress the spread.

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