The days of black and white television are long gone. Having not witnessing the tribulations that our forefathers went through to build the society of today, a liberal and modern world. Where would we be without the practice of humility in the future?

Society as we know are shape by our actions and words, especially on social media where accountability is negligible. Often time, the cyber world can be utterly critical about one’s opinions and disregard the fact that everyone is entitled to our opinions. No one should have a monopoly over opinions.

Moreover, w should encourage the cross-breeding of ideas and constructive criticism.

A world divided against itself will not stand, a parody from the famous Lincoln’s quote.

We have tension building amidst the current pandemic between 2 superpowers. We have a sovereignty debate over the gas-rich South China sea. We have aspiring graduates all over the world heading into a lackluster economic situation. There are many more divisive issues, to say the least, that are surrounding us.

How are we able to stand against any imminent threat of climate change? How can we fight pandemic when cooperation is lacking? The answer is omnipresent and starts with you.

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